Lesson Six. Presentation Learning Objectives
• to prepare a short presentation on a familiar topic (O5.4)
• to write words, phrases and short sentences using a reference (L5.3)
•More practise of key phrases c'est... / ce n'est pas...
Possible Teaching Activities
• As a warm-up try the 'remember the planets in order activity' - how fast can the children complete it?
Ask children to play Pelmanism in pairs using planet descriptions pair game cards below or playing the online planet description pairs game.

• Show an example of a presentation or booklet about a real or imagined planet created with presentation/publishing software and discuss this with the class. Display a word and phrase bank to support children as they prepare their own presentations or booklets about a real or imaginary planet.
• Extension: Children make a mini-encyclopaedia about the planets using their work from the previous activity.
Here is a fun end of unit activity - click on the link adjacent (on the rocket in the picture of the lab) to start an all French mission about phases of the moon and space...