Lesson Five. Making compound sentences Learning Objectives
• to listen attentively and understand more complex phrases and sentences (O5.3)
• to make simple sentences and short texts (L5.2)
• to manipulate language by changing an element in a sentence (KAL)
Possible Teaching Activities
• Display the 'combien de lune' activity and / or the 'facts about Earth's rotation' activity on the
board and challenge class in pairs or small groups to work it out.
• Use the connectives powerpoint (adjacent) to demonstrate how to join two shorter sentences to create
a compound sentence - compare & contrast with the technique in English and talk about how this improves our writing.

• Give groups the planet connective word cards (adjacent) so that they can make two sentences about
the planets and join them with parce que - or practise as a whole class as human sentences.

• Extension: Provide children with written statements and questions, such as
Vénus est une planète très chaude. Pourquoi? These questions could be answered orally or in writing.

• Use the donc/parce que activity (adjacent) to demonstrate an example on the board of
a compound sentence. Can the class work out & explain the meaning. Does the word order change in English too?
donc parce que activity
• Try a simple but longer text using this fun story Mimi la fourmi de l'espace (adjacent link)
• or click this link to Mimi la fourmi scheme of work and resources
or download this suggested teaching sequence for this book and flashcards flashcards for Mimi.pdf
Mimi la fourmi de l'espace (online version)
but you could also order a class set of readers from
and here is a fun little rhyme (as suggested by Linda Owen from Gloucester LA) to practise the oi phoneme
star song to practise oi