Learning Objectives
• to write words, phrases and short sentences, using a reference (L5.3)
• to recognise the typical conventions of word order in the foreign language (KAL)
• to apply grammatical knowledge to make sentences (LLS)
Possible Teaching Activities
  • Play Cadeau musical (Pass the Parcel) see adjacent
Cadeau musical activity
  • Look at Nouns, proper nouns & adjectives to check understanding of how to build a simple sentence before playing the activities below. see adjacent
Nouns proper nouns and adjectives activity (based on slide from PPT on TES by hpacitto)
  • Play 'Planet Human Sentences' see adjacent

  • Use the same cards from 'Human Sentences' to play Diable à ressort (Jack-in-the-Box) see adjacent
Diable à ressort (Jack-in-the-Box) activity
  • In groups make own sentences either repeating same or adapting/swapping adjectives/nouns see adjacent

  • In pairs, children throw a die and write a picture caption about the corresponding planet. see adjacent
Roll a dice planet activity
  • Extension: Children extend the quiz from the last section into an interactive class display, by making
a ‘lift-the-flap’ presentation about a planet of their choice.
They write one of the questions from the last session on the front and give the answer under the ‘flap’.