This is the first in a series of lessons where children will learn to name and describe the planets in French (designed to complement and make cross-curricular links with their work in Science!)
  • Use flashcards or images on IWB to introduce the planets (PPT made by Jackie Berry with sound files adjacent).
  • How similar/different do they sound to the English names?
  • Try to think of a gesture for each planet to help remember them - see this demo lesson

  • - Practise pronunciation and saying them aloud
  • - use some of the activities from the files adjacent.
  • Video clip of demonstration of this lesson with a yr 5 class

  • Try spelling some of the names of the planets on whiteboards by asking the children to think about what they
already know about French phonemes and graphemes.
  • Discuss and compare with actual spellings.
Planets pronounciation
  • Remind children of le soleil
  • and introduce la lune (the moon).
see flashcards (above)

Au clair de la lune song
  • Compare names of planets with days of the week (see PPT adjacent)
  • To help children associate the sun with dimanche, ask them to think of its English translation.
see Jackie Berry's PPt above also

  • Play Ping-Pong to end the lesson. You ‘bat’ a planet, the moon or the sun and children ‘bat’ back a day of the week.
or try this song to remember planets
  • Feeling creative - try printing out these instructions from the French 'tete-a-modeler' website and see if groups can follow them (there are clear picture clues!) to make and build their own paper models of the solar system.
Make a solar system on tete a modeler