Year 5 (3rd year of learning French)

Oracy – by end of YEAR 5
× Pick out some of the detail from short spoken passages.
× Enjoy interacting even when they hear unfamiliar language.
× Join in a short conversation.
x Make a short presentation using a model (to copy)

Literacy – by end of Year 5
× Read and understand some of the main points from a text.
× Understand how a simple sentence is written. (ie article + noun +
adjective + verb etcetera)
× Write words, phrases and a few sentences using a model. (eg
writing frames, gap fills, structured support)

ICU – by end of Year 5
× Identify similarities and differences in everyday life.
× List some similarities and differences between contrasting
× Recognise how symbols, products, objects can represent the
culture/cultures of a country.
× Recognise how aspects of the culture of different countries
become incorporated into the daily life of others.