16.6 Poems

Learning Objectives • to re-read frequently a variety of short texts (L5.1)
• to make simple sentences and short texts (L5.2)
• to notice different text types (KAL)
Possible Teaching Activities
  • Work through ppt 3d writing a poem to introduce a French poem about the beach in French.
  • How much can the class work out as you go along?

Use this ppt with the class to build a writing frame to support writing their own poems in French.
  • Display the writing frame at the end of the ppt - there are two and one is easier than the other.
  • Ask the class for suggestions of what words you could use to complete the poem as a class.

  • When complete read sentences in turn around the class.
  • Discuss whether any editing is necessary, eg can they suggest alternative adjectives/nouns?

  • Hand out copies of the writing frames at the end of the ppt (see adjacent) according to ability / confidence of child.
  • Chidlren use it to write their own poems, individually or in pairs.

  • Use ICT to rewrite peoms for display.