Learning Objectives • to re-read frequently a variety of short texts (L5.1)
• to make simple sentences and short texts (L5.2)
• to notice different text types (KAL)
  • Revise vocab and phrases used so far in this unit (see adjacent)

Follow on ppt with games to practise the vocabulary for Unit 16 including 'le morpion' (noughts and crosses) and spelling games to revise alphabet and reinforce masculine/feminine
  • Show the class ppt 3c Language Investigators la Plage Poem (see adjacent)

Use this powerpoint to encourage class to work out the meaning of a poem in French - so they do the thinking and do NOT ask you to translate!
  • Give pairs of children their own copies of the poem La plage (see adjacent)
  • Read the poem aloud as children listen and look for words containing the grapheme au/eau, which they then circle.

Copy of poem to print out to give to pairs and small groups.
  • Repeat the above activity, this time putting a box around the grapheme -ill.
phoneme -ill from last session
phoneme eau/au/o for La plage vocabulary
  • Children work on the text in pairs.
  • They read it to themselves and underline in colour, words that they either know or can guess the meaning of.
  • They underline adjectives in a different colour.
  • As a class discuss strategies for working out the meaning of unfamiliar language.