Learning Objectives • to listen attentively and understand more complex phrases and sentences (O5.3)
• to develop accuracy in pronunciation and intonation (KAL)
• to recognise the typical conventions of word order in the foreign language (KAL)
• to use actions and rhymes to aid memorisation (LLS)

Possible Teaching Activities
• Revise vocabulary from the previous session by playing Morpion (Noughts and Crosses). Say On va jouer au Morpion (We’re going to play Noughts and Crosses) (see Games to practise vocab PPT)

Follow on ppt with games to practise the vocabulary for Unit 16 including 'le morpion' (noughts and crosses) and spelling games to revise alphabet and reinforce masculine/feminine.

and/or use this ppt to revise vocabulary from last lesson
• Show the Degas painting again. Introduce some verbs, eg Le bateau glisse (The boat is gliding along). Then Que fait le bateau? (What is the boat doing?) Children to repeat answer Le bateau glisse. (see 'que fait..?' PPT adjacent)

PPT to introduce and practise 'Que fait..? sentences describing the scene in La Plage.
• Children mime the above phrases - play charades to guess the phrase being mimed.

• Extension: Encourage children to link two simple sentences using et, eg La petite fille dort et le bateau glisse.

• Bring the picture to life - Drama activity (adjacent)
(Personal note - I found this 'drama' activity pretty uninspiring & so did my class - so we droppped this after a few minutes and replaced it with the song below)
Bring the drama to life activity
Alternatively try the song activity (adjacent).
Beach song activity
• Play Secret Signaller. (see below)
Secret Signaller activity