Learning Objectives
• understand more complex phrases &sentences (O5.3)
• recognise patterns in simple sentences (KAL)
• manipulate language by changing an element in a sentence (KAL)
• develop accuracy in intonation and pronunciation (KAL)
• integrate new language into previously learnt language (LLS)
• apply grammatical knowledge to make sentences (LLS)
• practise new language with a friend (LLS)
  • As a warm-up revise colours by playing Touchez l’image (see activities adjacent)
  • Show Degas painting Scène de plage.
  • Introduce new vocabulary and revise colours by describing an item, eg La mer est verte (The sea is green). (see 'Intro colours and sentences' ppt)
  • Consolidate vocab and practise pronunciation by playing some flashcard games -(see flashcards and 'games to practise new vocab' ppt)
  • Use 'core structures' ppt to make more simple descriptions, such as Le chien est vert, Le sable est bleu.
  • Children draw a simple picture on mini-whiteboards or paper, and colour it in if possible.
  • Running dictation (see adjacent)